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Henryk Hechtkopf Arts


Hechtkopf illustrated hundreds of books in his career. Hechtkopf worked with top Israeli publishers, including Masada, Yavneh, Zimzun, Machanayim and Ofer. In addition, he served as the senior illustrator at Am Oved publishing house. In the United States, he worked with Lerner Publications, Minneapolis, and Dodd, Mead & Co., New York.

Amongst the books that Hechtkopf illustrated:

  • The "Mikraot Israel" Series, Masada Books, required textbooks for Grades 1-6 for all Israeli children in the state school system over a period of 30 years.
  • The "Tmunot Mesaprot" (Tales of Pictures) Series, Yavneh Books. Hechtkopf illustrated all 28 versions of this text. Nearly all Israeli schoolchildren have a copy of this book.
  • The "Stories of the Tzadikim", Machanaim Library Books. Translated into seven languages, it was printed in multiple editions worldwide. Many orthodox children in Israel have grown up with these stories. The Lubavitcher Rebbe himself requested that the best available illustrator be used for this book series, so told Gershon Burkis, Machanaim Publisher.

  • Shalom Aleichem Prize, Warsaw – 1947.
  • First Prize, international poster competition commemorating five years since the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - 1948.
  • First Prize, competition for the design of the first Polish Stamp commemorating the Holocaust - 1948.
  • Trade and Industry Ministry Prize for book design, Tel Aviv – 1963.
  • Artist’s Prize by the Municipality of Bat Yam for the painting “The horizon draws near” – 1965.
  • Prize for product design for the illustrations of the book “The Golden Lamp” published by Massada - 1967.
  • Association of Painters and Sculptors Prize, Tel Aviv (in cooperation with the Bat Yam municipality) - 1974.
  • Israel Culture Foundation Prize, USA, 1974.
  • Honorary Award from Bat Yam municipality for many years of artistic achievement – 1985.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 1963 – Society of Artists and Sculptors, Tel Aviv. Beitan Alcharizi
  • 1963 – David Ben Ari Museum, Bat Yam
  • 1967 - Beit Yad Lebanim Museum. Petach Tikva
  • 1972 - David Ben Ari Museum, Bat Yam
  • 1973 – Jerusalem Day Exhibition, Beit Haam, Jerusalem
  • 1979 – Jerusalem Day Exhibition, Beit Ribak Museum, Bat Yam
  • 1993 – 50 Years Since the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Exhibition, Beit Ribak Museum, Bat Yam
  • 1996 –Biblical Drawings Exhibition, Mishkan Omanot Museum, Ein Harood
  • 1997 – Biblical Exhibition, Beit Ribak, Bat Yam
  • 1997 – Corrine Maman Museum, Ashdod
  • 1998– Debbie and Ori Nachushtan Museum, Asdot Yaakov
  • 1998 – Biblical Drawings Exhibition, Biblical Museum, Beit Diezengoff, Tel Aviv
  • 2009 –Tel Aviv Drawings Exhibition in commemoration of Tel Aviv's 100 year anniversary, Beit Diezengoff, Tel Aviv

Group Exhibitions

Hechtkopf participated in dozens of group exhibitions in Israel and abroad. His work is exhibited at the museum in Berkeley, CA, in the Jewish museum in Warsaw and in the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem. In addition, his works were included exhibitions in Warsaw between 1932-39. In addition, from 1947-1957 he exhibited in Lodz, Wroclaw, Krakow, Katovice.

Some of the group exhibitions:

  • 1967 – “Exhibition of Holocaust paintings” at the Yad Lebanim Museum, Petach Tikva
  • 1976 – “From the World of Shalom Aleichem” at the Shalom Aleichem House
  • 1991 – “A Tribute to Bat Yam” at the Ben-Ari Museum in Bat Yam
  • 2001 – “The Holiday of Holidays – Hannuka, Christmas, Ramadan” [Judaism, Christianity, Islam] – Haifa
  • 2010 – “Virtues of Memory – Six Decades of Holocaust Survivors’ Creativity” – Yad Vashem, Jerusalem.

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